Stop Bed Wetting With Hypnotist Melbourne

Stop Wetting The Bed Now With Hypnosis

Bed Wetting

I have met several mothers who are worried about their children’s bed wetting issues. Indeed, bed wetting disorder is a menace for children and adolescents. This abnormal habit sinks the victim in anxiety, embarrassment, sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and low self-esteem. Taunts from family members make their life more miserable.

Reasons for bedwetting

Let me first define it medically. If a child over the age of 7 faces wetting event once or more in a month without any urinary abnormalities, he suffers from Nocturnal enuresis. Nocturnal enuresis (NE), the medical name of bedwetting, is considered a common psychological disease. Parents patiently wait for the child to grow up and finally quit it in his teens. But this makes the child’s life difficult and unenjoyable.

There are two types of bed wetting. First, the one which children do every night and have no control over their bladder. Second, the bed wetting comes occasionally, probably after six months, on encountering stressful moments.

Let’s see the potential causes.

  • Constipation: upset stomach can increase urination.
  • Sleep apnea: adenoids and tonsils can cause sleeping issues
  • Unconsciousness: children are unable to feel the need to urinate when their bladder is full.
  • Family history: If one parent has NE, there are 48% chances of transferal in the child which increases to 78% on both parents having NE.

What’s the solution?

Hypnotherapy is doing wonders in curing bed wetting disorders. Hypnotist Gold Coast have been practicing hypnosis for over 20 years and each of our patients were fully cured with the treatment. But, some parents assume it an impractical treatment because they think it might affect their mindset. Well, bed wetting hypnotherapy is attempted to change habits and thinking. The goal of hypnosis is to alter the behaviour and habits of bed wetting children who do not have any medical complications. All of my patients have stopped wetting the bed after just 1 session.