Certified Master Of Hypnotherapy

Certified Master Of Hypnotherapy

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This is the course of all courses! This 10 day Masters Dip course will prepare you for anyone that might need your help for any issue. You will learn how to Hypnotise people into a deep but safe level of trance if it is required.

This will be the most important step of your life as you embark into the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy with a Master Dip in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

All scripts and course work materials will be provided. 

You will have all the tools required to to succeed in this magnificent career. This course will teach you the secret of Hypnotic language and how to use it in an ethical way to better your business and yourself as a Therapist. You will also learn how to how to build your business into a success and how to get referrals from other specialists. Our team will advise you how to advertise and where your money is better spent in how to build your NEW career into a success

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