Overcome Depression With Hypnotist Melbourne

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Depression is the real deal!

The awareness regarding depression spread fast through the last decade where previously it was rarely or never at all talked about. Depression is basically an absurd kind of feeling which is something much more than sadness, it is a mood disorder which upon persistence leads to the loss of interest in life altogether. It is something that captures the mind and body. According to the World Health Organisation, around 350 million people are affected by depression globally. While in Australia alone, according to estimates, around 45 percent of people ought to experience this state of mind in their lifetime. The statistics are alarmingly high to say the least.

Symptoms of Depression

    • Feeling of emptiness and hopelessness
    • Pessimism to the extent of suicidal thoughts and attempts
    • Restlessness
    • -Insomnia (I also offer hypnosis sessions for people suffering from sever insomnia)
    • Over eating or the loss of appetite, sudden weight gain or weight loss
    • Decreased energy and heightened fatigue
    • Constant aches and pains that won’t go away
    • Family issues and relationship problems
    • Feeling of worthlessness and the like

But how to cure this mental illness? While some might opt for drugs prescribed by doctor and others might go for anti-depressants or sleep medication but these treatments don’t address to the underlying causes. They might be beneficial in short term time frame but for medium to long term such methods only partially addresses the illness not quite effectively dealing with the root causes of depression. Leaving the sufferer having to deal with the side effects of such medication.

On the contrary hypnosis is regarded as highly effective for depression which treats the underlying causes and cures the mental illness effectively. I as a leading hypnotist in Melbourne, treat my patients by digging deeper into their subconscious minds.

How Hypnotist Melbourne helps treat your depression?

Hypnotherapy assists in changing the pessimistic approach towards life and eliminate the negative thought patterns altogether. During hypnotherapy treatment I inculcate positive therapies that aids you in reaching and dealing with underlying root causes hence enabling you in taking back the core control of your life.

I quite proficiently engage the subconscious mind, reinforce positive thoughts and free patient’s mind from past in order for them to live a satisfying and fulfilling happy life, giving a ray hope for promising and contented future.

The real deal breaker

Those that experience depression mostly shut their selves down, locking themselves in a shell. Their lack of interest in life forces them to give up on everything and anything even the things that once gave them pleasure. It is through hypnotherapy techniques that such individuals can unlock themselves from the shackles of daunting emotions and once again begin to enjoy life as once they did.

Are you the one dealing with the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness? Do you think your feelings of sadness have prolonged enough to be put in the category of depression? Well you don’t need to feel unwanted or fatigued anymore! It’s my task as a hypnotherapist to free you from the unwanted feeling of closure and depression.

Offering Hope

I will;

  • Identify and let go of the odd feeling associated with past
  • Transform the limiting decisions connected with them
  • Free you from pessimism and give you hope to see life from an improved and renewed spirit

Upon the completion of our session you will be able to reconnect with your former goals and aspirations and proceed with dreaming of new ones. Having new dreams and goals with the renewed spirit of taking practical steps will help you in regaining your lost smile. Your new spirit will be much more forceful than it ever was.

That’s how I help people in getting back on the right track of life. If you are the one battling with such feelings and want to rid yourself off of them then book your hypnotherapy session now or give me a call