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Fears and Phobias

Before proceeding, let me establish what the primary differences are among anxiety, fear, and phobia. For starters, fear is a natural instinct; the default way in which our body tends to respond to any imminent danger. On the other hand, phobias are fears in a more intensified form. In fact, some phobias are so severe that they often lead to anxiety as well as panic attacks. So, while fear tends to be more realistic, phobias are more exaggerated and often linked to individual experiences surrounding any object or situation. This starts to become a significant issue when a person is put in that precise situation or in the vicinity of that object on a daily basis. You can’t expect to get anything done when you’re in an environment that could very well trigger your anxiety and lead you to panic. However, there is one positive aspect of phobias; they tend to lie in the depths of our subconscious mind. This way, they can easily be accessed by hypnotherapeutic measures. My tried and tested procedures can help you not only tackle your phobias, but also unlearn your ‘natural’ response to danger, and be able to calm your nerves.

Why Should You Choose Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a sure way of helping you deal with all of these aforementioned issues altogether, seeing as how they’re closely interlinked with each other. In fact, we may not be aware of it, but all our subliminal thought processes have certain connections with each other. Hypnotherapy is one such procedure that is able to gain access to the part of your brain that holds all of these thought patterns, that is, your subconscious mind.  

Mental Preparation

While seeking out ways to cope with tense situations, mental rehearsal is a proven method that adequately deals with not only anxiety but also fear and phobic disorders. For example, while being anxious about an upcoming job interview, mental preparation will help you replace your common pessimistic thoughts with positive, uplifting ones such as, “You have all the qualifications they asked for.” or “You’ve done this before, it’ll be a piece of cake.” Moreover, you’ll imagine yourself handling the questions with confidence and in a composed manner. Of course, implementing this approach is not an easy task, that is where my hypnosis for anxiety techniques come in handy.

From a varying perspective, anxiety also tends to stem from lowered self-esteem. When that is the case, I tend to employ particular methods that are aimed to tackle lowered ego and self-confidence.


While you could go for medicinal solutions for all of these issues, potentially ending up with a long list of side effects, you could alternatively find healthy means of coping with them. This will empower you to take control and master the art of self-improvement and regulation.

In What Ways Will Hypnotherapy Help?

It only makes sense to tackle a pathological subconscious state of mind, such as excessive fear or phobia, by means of therapeutic hypnosis. This is owing to fact that your mind is much more susceptible to modification and improvement while you’re in a state of trance. This will allow me to update the default pattern in your mind that tells you how to respond to fear.

During this time, I may make mild suggestions for you to implement behavioral changes and conquer your issues. For example, for dealing with phobias I can equip your mind with a few renowned, cognitive-behavioural coping techniques that include guided imagery.

If you’re concerned about the number of sessions involved, it’s important to note that it’s never the same for everyone. It primarily depends on the severity of the issues and also on the will power of every human being since we’re all programmed differently. So, some people might feel capable of coping with their issues on their own right after the first session whereas others might require continual reinforcement.

Why Choose Hypnotist Gold Coast?

My methods for overcoming fear, phobia, and anxiety will allow you to confront whatever scares you in a regulated environment, address them on a subconscious level, and unlearn default panic responses. Rest assured, if you can discern the exact location from where your fear and phobias emanate, you can deal with your issues in a much healthier and positive manner.