Control Gaming Addiction With Melbourne Hypnosis

The best way to stop gaming addiction with hypnotherapy In Melbourne

Gaming Addiction

Video Game Addiction

Is It That Serious?

Commonly termed as ‘Gaming Disorder’, video game addiction has started to become an epidemic. The fact of the matter is that gaming addiction affects a significant number of millennials today, to the point where the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed to recognise it as a legitimate problem subject. Being addicted or compelled to constantly play video games can hold highly adverse effects for not only the body but also the mind as well.
At present, there are a lot of research institutes that want to get to the root of the matter and try to trace out common patterns. They want to know how to fix the issue that’s causing youngsters to be nonproductive. While these people are still out there looking for the answers, I believe that with my advanced hypnotherapy techniques designed to battle gaming addiction, I already have them.

The Gamer’s High

You might not know this, but video games tend to take over your brain’s very reward centre. Whenever you achieve something in a game, any milestone whatsoever, your brain tends to experience a ‘high’ and the reward centre lights up. Your brain then knows that it needs to have you keep playing to experience that very same high again. This is how an addictive pattern begins to surface. This addiction might seem harmless to some, but I believe that it is the very train of thought that a compulsive gambler tends to exhibit.

This very ‘high’ is what every gamer seeks out. It begins to take over all of their thought processes, prohibiting them from directing their focus toward anything else. That is primarily why you commonly see gamers preferring to be in front of their screens enjoying the game than being with their loved ones and valuing their relationships.

How Will Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Hypnosis is the very technique of guiding people into a state of trance where their subconscious becomes exceedingly easy to access. Don’t worry, you’ll be completely aware of your surroundings and in total control of the situation. My hypnotherapy tackles gaming addiction stepwise as follows:

Step 1: Discerning Irrational Thought Processes

When people fall prey to any form of addiction, their brain tends to opt for rather irrational and illogical thought patterns. For gamers, the belief is that they need to play videogames in order to survive. To someone who isn’t a gaming addict, this might seem unworldly, but that’s how the brain of a gaming addict works.

On another note, many gaming addicts tend to use gaming as a means of ‘escape’ – to get away from stressful, unwanted situations. This notion of hiding from your problems and finding comfort in playing games is pretty common and tends to be an unconscious decision.

As the first step, I will help you trace out these thought patterns and allow you to understand where the problem begins.

Step 2: Restricting Compulsive Thoughts

When we start to crave, it is a means of communication that the brain uses to tell our body to take an action and do something to satisfy it – a fix. It is actually our subconscious trying to keep us safe. This is where all rationality leaves us.

Hypnosis can effectively allow you to slow things down and give yourself time to asses situations rationally. It can help you retrain your brain to understand what it needs to be doing instead. At this step, I will attempt to help you perceive the triviality of gaming by altering your very subconscious thought pattern. When I guide you into a state of trance, I’ll be able to instill positive coping mechanisms to get your mind to respond in healthy ways to such cravings. Since this state makes the subconscious highly receptive to suggestions, it will listen and it will reprogram itself.

Step 3: Renewing Subconscious Associations

Whether you like it or not, your subconscious views video games in a certain way and that won’t change on its own. Your subconscious tends to associate only positive thoughts to video games and that’s why you feel no guilt. In fact, it makes you euphoric and reduces stress.

My technique is to help your brain realise the adverse effects of this habit by renewing these associations and painting the picture in a bad light.

The Gold Coast Hypnotist

So, the question remains: why should I opt for the Melbourne Hypnotist? Well, I have been in the game for quite a long time and I can safely say that I have had tremendous success with all of my clients. I know my way around the general functioning and thought processes of the brain. I can help you break your unhealthy gaming habit and guarantee that you’ll turn over a new leaf. Don’t believe me? Come over for a 1-on-1 session and witness for yourself.

The Fortnite addiction

Some kids are so hooked on this free-to-play game, that they are now fighting game addiction. One side effect of the obsession is losing weight because teens won’t stop playing long enough to eat.

Are you a parent with a child who is either falling into this addiction or already has? OR is your partner, family member or friend in the same position? I know we talk about this all the time and it is a real and present danger to many, many people of all ages and the perception out there is that there is very little that can be done to stop this.

Wrong! There is a very simple, very effective and cheap option that is available for you right now.

Gaming works on the brain very similar to gambling addiction. Over time the brain’s reward centre is stimulated with wins that are random and once that sets itself, there is very little that can be done about it. This change can happen quickly or over a long period of time BUT once the brain switches over, you have a real problem.

Gambling and in this case Gaming Addiction is a very serious issue and the sooner this is addressed the better the results.

Joel is a student and colleague of John Carberry who is genuinely one of the world’s leading Master Hypnotherapists and has created the world’s leading Hypno-treatment for PTSD which is a serious and massive problem. He has used this knowledge and skill to access the brains unconscious desires driving the need to “play”. This breaks the thinking pattern and reprograms the brain to remove the compulsive thoughts that drive the gaming desire and replace them with healthy thought patterns.