Hypnosis For Alcohol Addiction With Hypnotist Melbourne

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Alcohol Addiction

Medically termed as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), alcohol addiction is not just a ‘drinking problem’. It’s a severe case where the affected individual considers alcohol to be the primary source of sustenance. If the alcohol abuser does not have access to alcohol, he/she tends to fall into a pit of negative emotions that tend to have extreme outcomes, depending on how severe the disease is.  

From what I gather, when people tend to have a drink or two when they socialize, celebrate, or just to unwind after a long, hard day at work, that’s not a problem. But it does become a problem when you end up in legal trouble or relationship issues, not being able to tell how many glasses you’ve already gulped down.

In fact, there is a very fine line between social drinking and alcohol abuse. You don’t know just exactly when you crossed that line but you do know afterward, considering the adverse outcomes. The consequences of alcohol abuse are never good. In fact, long-term abuse of alcohol can end up damaging the very basic functioning of your body by:

  • Acting as a blockage in the brain’s communication ways
  • Causing high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, strokes.
  • Damaging the liver and causes alcoholic hepatitis.
  • Causing pancreatitis which, in some cases, leads to diabetes.

The worst part is that you won’t be able to tell if anything’s wrong with you unless you start counting your bottles and try to get yourself to cut down. This is when most people realize that they have a serious problem.

What Are the Warning Signs?

The thing that people ought to know about addiction is that it primarily stems from underlying, critical issues. It could potentially be a traumatic event that might have led to excessive drinking or it could also have been any other past experience that was shocking or had a certain adverse impact on your mind. Regardless of the particular cause, if you have been driven to get involved in alcohol or drug abuse, then you ought to understand that you have merely suppressed the issue, not having dealt with it in a healthy manner. That is why, whenever you feel like it resurfaces, you turn to substance or alcohol abuse in the hopes of pushing it back down. Let me tell you, the more you push it down, the greater the force it tends to come back up with.

Overuse of alcohol can lower your inhibitions and cause you to do stuff that you would otherwise regret. Perhaps, the most common form of alcohol abuse is driving under the influence. There are numerous cases every day of people drunk driving and getting into road accidents. This is how significant the alcohol abuse epidemic has gotten. From what I’ve observed from my clients, there are some warning signs that any person suffering from AUD often exhibits:

  • You always feel like anticipating the time you’ll have your next drink.
  • You physically cannot tell yourself, “No, I shouldn’t have more than that.”
  • If you don’t get the chance to have a drink for a long time, you experience nausea, trembling, and sweating which tend to disappear when you finally have one.
  • You don’t think you can wait during the day to have a drink at night; you often drink early in the morning.
  • You tend to turn to it as a safe haven whenever you’re stressed or in trouble.

If you checked at least one of the boxes, you have some form of AUD. If you’re on the mild side, you shouldn’t necessarily consider yourself safe. AUD is the type of disease that is very easy to escalate if not handled properly. Many people find support groups to be a healthy way of recovering and trying to sober up. Of course, sometimes they do work but more often they don’t. People need something more concrete

Using Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking

If you want to know how to overcome alcoholism and become sober the healthy and safe way, then hypnotherapy is your answer. It is one of the many approaches that people have found to be highly effective.

My tried and tested methods of hypnotherapy for alcoholism aim to morph the basic default thought process with which you cope with your everyday life. The power of suggestion is the sole weapon that I use to cure my clients of any ailment they might be suffering from. By putting you in a state of trance, I can make your mind much more receptive to suggestions that will help you look at things from a different light. I’ll empower you to replace the negative thoughts and associations that you have related to alcohol abuse and find newer ways of coping with everyday situations. You won’t even be thinking of alcohol when you’re too busy living life to the fullest.