Hypnosis For Drug Addiction With Hypnotist Melbourne

Get on the pathway to recovery today with hypnotherapy

Altering patterns and habits in creating lasting changes

Before we get into the details of drug addiction, let’s establish what hypnosis precisely is. At the very heart of it, hypnosis is merely a technique to access and alter the subconscious mind. Since this is the part of the brain that holds all of your default thought patterns, there is a lot that can be done by hypnotherapy. By employing a combination of techniques such as those of deep relaxation, positive suggestion, as well as mental reprogramming, hypnosis instils a positive state of thinking. Thus altering the state of your subconscious mind into that desired.

Hypnotherapy Treats disordered behavioural patterns effectively

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic form of hypnosis that incorporates guided relaxation techniques to stimulate calmness, while perfectly maintaining your full sense of awareness. Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy does not weaken your inhibitions, rather it essentially heightens your mindfulness to make you much more receptive to outside suggestions. 

Through these particular techniques, hypnotherapy can help you with several recurring, deep-rooted issues such as PTSDanxietyfears and phobias. But, can an established hypnotherapist such as myself help you break your obsessive addictions such as alcohol addiction or drug addiction? The answer to it is a straight forward yes.  With my years of experience am able to break your addictions through hypnosis in just 1 session. 

I strongly agree and second what Seth Adam Smith has to say about such a menace, as he very rightly said and I quote, “You can’t defeat the darkness by keeping it caged inside of you.” I hence adopt and implement ethical ways in ridding you off of drug addiction through hypnosis. 

But let’s first shed light on what drug addiction is and how to recognise if someone near to you is addicted.

What is Drug Addiction?

Also known as substance use disorder, drug addiction is a condition that badly affects the user’s behaviour resulting in excessive abuse of illegal drugs. When you are addicted to substances such as marijuana, nicotine, hash, weed, cocaine and alcohol or any other drugs for that matter, you may increase the intake continuously despite its harmful causes. 

Drug use for the first time might occur as a result of social encounter, usually voluntarily, which later results into addiction where the addict finds it difficult to resist the cravings and hence falls for it badly.

The intake of these drugs can have devastating effects on one’s health, throwing him into the pits of anxiety, paranoia, depression, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, psychosis (losing touch with reality) and other such mental and physical illnesses.         

Such malpractices have adverse effects on the victim as such he might lose his job, turn him into a hostile person, cause harm to closed ones or own self. On the other hand, the family or close friends can feel helpless at the same time, unable to help the addict by any means. And worst of all as an addict you may not recognise that you have a problem to begin with.  

Signs that your loved one is addicted

If you have a close family member and are suspicious about his activities of late, the following will help you identify if the person is under the influence of drug abuse or not.

  • Withdrawal from family members
  • Spending time alone all the time in secrecy
  • Concentration and memory problems
  • Withdrawal from daily responsibilities of life
  • Aggressive and hostile behaviour
  • Drop-in performance at work, school, different activities
  • Money and valuables missing from your home
  • And other such doubtful activities that draw your attention instantly

Hypnosis for drug addiction

Hypnotherapy has been proven to provide benefits to people suffering from heavy dose addictions of chemically addictive drugs. I, at hypnotist Melbourne, offer hypnosis for drug addiction in an effective and non-judgmental manner. I will implement ways which will not only help you in getting rid of any kind of drug addiction but will also cure the core contributors such as anxiety and stress.

Giving you back the confidence for life

It will be solely private session/s, me and you only, one-on-one with no one else around. So that you feel safe, comfortable and in control. In a relaxed environment, I will help your subconscious in taking control and accepting positive suggestions from me thus giving you a complete sense of calmness.

Can you imagine being clear-headed again without any sign of haze and dizziness between you and the world out there? With me, you can!

You can get back the hold of yourself in a more refined and groomed manner. All you need to do is to get in touch with me. You won’t find me on the judgmental side rather I’ll professionally deal with your addiction, providing a comfortable, relaxed environment.