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Treating Insomnia With Hypnotherapy

Are you facing terribly daunting sleepless nights? Do you want to get rid of it and enjoy your deep, peaceful sleep again?

Insomnia is the inability to sleep properly. It is the most common yet most frustrating sleeping difficulty faced by people of all ages. According to estimates about 30 percent of Australians find it hard to sleep through the night where as worldwide studies suggest that 50 percent of the world population suffer from this epidemic.

Sleep disruptions can have lasting impacts on the physical and psychological state of an individual. People with insomnia will

  • Find it hard to sleep at night
  • Keep waking up during the night
  • Wake up earlier than usual and unable to go back to sleep
  • Wake up with drained energy
  • Even daytime nap is a rarity

Sleep is the nature’s best medicine, by not being able to sleep properly the body stops working effectively. As a result of which people;

  • feel fatigued, frustrated and irritated
  • face difficulty concentrating throughout the day
  • decreased performance at job
  • depression

On the contrary a good night’s sleep, which comprises of 6 to 8 hours of sleep, does amazing things to the mind and body. It give you boosted energy, refreshed state of mind, helps you remain focused, concentrate better and assists you in making sensible and better decisions.

Possible causes of insomnia

There could be different reasons for sleep disorder, varying from person to person. Insomnia usually commences after a pattern of poor sleep that may start as a result of;

  • Anxiety, depression or stress management
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Issues faced in relationships
  • Jet lag
  • Waking infants
  • Snoring room mates or partners

If the sleepless nights prolong it then becomes chronic even if the initial causes side-line. This habitual thing leads to such conditions as alertness during the night or disruptive sleep. This state of sleep disorder can range from three sleepless nights per week and might last for three months or more. The resultant outcome is then depression or anxiety and reduced focus and concentration.

Sleeping pills and tranquilizers are generally not considered good for one’s health. Even doctors hesitate in prescribing such meds unless the condition of an individual worsens. In such scenarios sleep hypnosis for insomnia is considered as best option, which helps in sleeping faster, more peacefully. Insomnia hypnosis Melbourne can help you reset your circadian clock in order to achieve deep, peaceful and restorative sleep.

Sleep Hypnosis: the ultimate solution!

Your struggle to sleep could be put to rest through hypnosis.  It’s actually the possible triggers like regrets about past, the fear of future or fight with spouse that could be shut off through the process of sleep hypnosis.

Hypnosis for insomnia will help turn your mind off and allow your body to relax, thus pushing you to sleeping peacefully. I, at Hypnotist Melbourne, will help you;

  • Relax Physically – the breathing and focus technique utilised in this program will help you relieve tension, relax muscles which will ultimately relax your whole body.
  • Relax Mentally – in this hypnotic state, you will achieve a focused and heightened awareness which will drift you away from your conscious thoughts hence giving you a break from your actually surrounding and anxious thoughts. It will in effect slow your internal thought process and focus your mind on something more peaceful.
  • Induce Sleep – at this stage your mind will be much more peaceful but this hypnotic trance shouldn’t be mixed with sleep per se. A few simple suggestions after this state will slowly drift you into sleep.
  • Deep Sleep – hypnosis not only helps you sleep faster but deeper and for longer duration as well. Deep Sleep is what my ultimate goal at Hypnotist Melbourne for a client is because once this stage is achieved the sleep disruptions cease.  

What’s causing you to suffer from Insomnia? What doesn’t let you sleep? Whatever it is, it is carried deep inside your subconscious mind.

Having recurring sleepless nights in one go will make your subconscious belief that it is normal and hence informs your conscious mind to stay that way. Hypnotherapy, for that matter, helps drill down to this level and take charge of the subconscious thoughts, thus shutting it down when you are ready to sleep.

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