Hypnosis For PTSD With Hypnotist Melbourne

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Do you feel pressed down due to the unexpected death of your loved one? Or you feel the burden of having been exposed to sexual abuse? Does the memory haunt you day and night, even after the passing of many years? Do they give you chills every time you get the flashbacks of them? These symptoms are non-negligible and point towards the possible cause of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as the name suggests is a supposed mental disorder that develops after a certain shocking traumatic event. It can be a trauma experienced in person or witnessed second hand. The distress can further lead to such conditions as recurrent flashbacks, terrifying memories, heightened fearfulness, anxiety and overthinking about the event. Trauma can push an individual to the point of emotional breakdown or psychological pain. So to hide away the pain, the person under influence opts for alcohol addiction or drug addiction. 

Many people who are exposed to the terrifying event remains under the influence for a while and the symptoms sideline after some time but if the symptoms continue or worsen over time then you might as well have developed PTSD.

PTSD is very much prevalent in women than in men. According to findings about 10 in every 100 women experience PTSD compared to 4 in 100 men at some point in their lifetime. 

Types of traumatic events that can lead to PTSD

Any life-threatening or frightening situation can become the cause of PTSD. Listed below are few of the major and common ones;

  • The sudden demise of a close and loved one can act as a traumatic trigger
  • Rape can leave lasting effects on the brain
  • Military combat can wound the soul to the core
  • Physical or emotional abuse can give you lifelong terrors
  • Kidnapping, homelessness can leave you in a state of denial
  • Automotive accident or plane crash can leave worst imprints on mind, body and soul
  • The high rising divorce rate, breakup, family issues, unemployment are the accelerated causes of trauma
  • Terrorist attack or mass shootings can give psychological aftershocks

And other such incidents where one’s life is threatened can become the possible cause of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Warning signs of PTSD

The common symptoms of PTSD include;

  • Excessive anxiety
  • Heightened social isolation
  • Feeling overly emotional or completely numb
  • The constant feeling of guilt
  • Reduced or complete absence of interest in activities that once used to excite
  • Anger issues and irritability
  • Self-destructive attitude or depressive state of mind
  • Refusal to talk about the event or inability to stop thinking
  • Avoiding people and places to distance oneself from the trauma
  • And the like

You might have one or several of these at a time. So be noted that it’s common to have memory problems or the possible symptoms of addictions and anxiety. If you think that the symptoms are worsening rather than lessening then you immediately need to find help


Utilise hypnotherapy to treat PTSD

These four letters might sound terrifying, but with me and my advanced hypnosis techniques, you will get over that long-overdue daunting trauma.

I don’t say that hypnotherapy will completely erase the traumatic events, but it will surely address the terror event in your mind and its effects. Hypnotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will allow the client to get access to the information stored in the subconscious mind. The traumatic event triggering PTSD will be examined while also claiming and processing the wide array of emotions surrounding the event, thus resulting in you expressing them. This will end in the negative beliefs being released and hence transformed. How? 

Well while in the state of trance I will make you access the pivotal events surrounding your trauma through careful regression. Where you will experience the moments and express and I will thereby transform your distorted beliefs and reclaim what was lost. For instance a negative perception about oneself that ‘I am guilty’ will be replaced with ‘I am not guilty’ or ‘I am proud of myself’.

I’ll empower you to replace the negative thoughts and associations that you have related to the event through hypnosis for PTSD and replace it with a positive and optimistic outlook. You won’t even be thinking of terrorising event when your whole perception about life and event changes.