Increase Sports Performance With Melbourne Hypnosis

The best way to increase sports performance with hypnotherapy in Melbourne

Improve Performance

It is a well known fact that most if not all athletes perform better during training and under simulated competition than under actual competition stress. 

Improve sports Performance With Master Hypnotherapist Joel Fogel in Melbourne or on the Gold Coast & you can perform at your peak or very, very close to it. With a simple Hypnotherapy session specifically designed by one of the World’s leading Master Hypnotherapists to relax and focus your mind allowing your training to take over. You may not win or be world champion BUT you will be able to say you gave it everything you could possible do – you cannot ask for more. Any athlete can be proud of that. 

Imagine winning and knowing you still had more to give – that is not the definition of a winner – a winner has trained and given everything they have – if you do that you walk away with pride.

There are all sorts of factors that might reduce your performance. 


  • Pre-competition anxiety – playing the game before you actually play it which can badly affect your real time performance.
  • Nerves.
  • Tenseness.
  • Stress.
  • Concentration levels.
  • Phobia concerns.
  • Distractions.
  • Pain management.

A session with Joel will work on your subliminal thought patterns taking away the fear and anxiety or any other negative factors that can limit your  ability to perform at your maximum levels. In it’s place will be positive energy and self belief that you can and will perform at 100% of your ability.

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Being in the Zone

Although it is commonly used in all spheres of life, the term “Being in the Zone” holds special significance when it comes to sports. It is believed that during the game, some athletes enter into a state of trance where they observe things around them slowing down so the game comes easily to them. Although it might sound bananas, it actually is the case.

As surprising as it may be, sports isn’t just about physical prowess – it’s about training the mind as well. Awareness, mental focus, and seeing in your mind’s eye are all pivotal aspects when it comes to achieving success in any sport. You might astound yourself when you see just what the mind is capable of helping you achieve when you know how to program your subconscious.

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnosis that is used to help striving athletes enter into the zone in spirit, body, and mind. My hypnotherapy methods aim to access the state of consciousness and alter your train of thought owing to your brain’s susceptibility toward listening to suggestions when in that state.

Why Should I Consider Hypnotherapy?

Sports performance hypnosis can turn out to be exceedingly beneficial in the long run, whether it’s for whole teams or individual athletes. It should be mentioned that hypnotherapy for sports is not only to cater to professional players – amateurs and aspiring athletes can gain from it as well, perhaps even more.

I believe that amateur athletes tend to come from a much higher place of stress and pressure of becoming someone. They have to fight way more demons that tell them they won’t be able to make it. My methodically formulated sports hypnotherapy empowers them to do just that. It can be the case that you’ve signed yourself up for a strenuous and advanced physical challenge and now you’re stressed out about not being able to accomplish it. Regardless of the reason, if you genuinely wish to alter your mindset and experience true change in your physical and mental performance, hypnotherapy is your go-to place. You could even be a coach or a manager – the techniques that you’ll learn through my sessions will surely equip you with exceptional skills to pass on to your athletes.

No Downsides

Hypnotherapy treatment for any means whatsoever is quite possibly the most preferred method when it comes to side effects and negative outcomes – there are none. Not only will it help determined athletes find their zone, but it will also help them know how to take charge of their thoughts and be able to train their minds to unlock their full potential.

Pairing hypnosis with your training regimen typically involves performance enhancement via reducing stress and increasing concentration. While any athlete typically tends to prioritise performance, my belief is that the training process should account for progress, healing, as well as mental and physical alteration.

Winning Mindset

The mind is the single most important part of you that has the power to decide what you can and can’t do. If you let your mind tell you that you can never run more than a certain distance, then you certainly will never achieve that goal. You will automatically stop without even trying. This tends to happen when you have a fixed mindset. If you want to go big and maximise your potential, you need to be able to break free from these chains that are holding you back. You need to transform your fixed mindset to a winning mindset.

A winning mindset is precisely what is behind medal-winning athletes who break their own records time and again. It’s not necessary that they keep getting physically stronger every year, it’s mostly owing to their changed mindsets that tell them this isn’t the limit. Helping you acquire this winning or growth mindset is precisely what my sports performance hypnotherapy is set out to do.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

Some of the benefits that you can expect to achieve afterward are:

  • A growth mindset with no limitations
  • Total confidence in yourself
  • An unwavering focus toward strategizing and success
  • A true understanding of sports psychology
  • Effortlessly maintaining healthy habits
  • Mental imagery of success and motivation to make it a reality
  • Being able to recover quickly from injuries – the power of the mind

Why the Melbourne Hypnotist?

My sports psychology is that any physical activity essentially involves 70% of the mind and 30% of the body. To me, if you can train your mind to believe that nothing is out of your reach, then you’ve already completed more than half of the journey. If my thinking intrigues you, you might want to come down to my office here at the Gold Coast and attend my Athlete Performance Hypnotherapy session to be even more amazed.