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Build Public Speaking Skills Through Hypnosis

Fear Of Public speaking

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of standing in front of a room full of people and speaking?

Does it give you a racing heart and sweaty palms?

You can communicate with just anyone on a one on one level but can’t stand the thought of addressing a handful of people staring right back at you?

You are not alone! Neither is it an unusual thing to be stressed about. It is said that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. Even studies have proven this fact time and again and it stands true for all ages and generations. A Gallup poll conducted in 2000 found that public speaking ranked on the second just beneath the fear for snakes, which ranked first. Around 40 per cent admitted that they dreaded public speaking much more than diving into a pool of alligators or jumping out of the 20,000 feet high plane.

You read that right! That’s how daunting public speaking can be.

Reasons behind the public speaking fear

What could be more safer and enlightening than standing in a room full of bright minds and smiling faces eager to share information? Especially if you are prepared enough and know your drill? 

Well, it’s all in the mind! 

Yes, that’s right. The fear of public speaking lies deep in the subconscious mind. Your brain is trained that way, where you get the wrong unconscious response every time you start speaking in a gathering, the memories, views and wishes associated and developed over time of how you feel about public speaking and your confidence altogether. As it is rightly put by Buddha, “The mind is everything. What you think you become” so if you have lower self-esteem about yourself with regards to public speaking then it will surface and you will, every single time, fall for it. Your mind will make you go through such situations. The real challenge lies in disentangling these thoughts and feelings, getting rid of them and filling the minds with more helpful and new information. Such that it elevates your spirits and develops a positive view about yourself in your mind.

This is where hypnosis for public speaking comes into play!

Build public speaking skills through hypnosis

The fear of public speaking is ingrained deep in your mind that can be linked back to a bad public speaking experience of childhood whose imprints can last longer till the times when one is giving presentations or attending board meetings as an adult. 

This shows how your mind learned and stored the negative experience in the subconscious, thus through repetitions and overthinking it gives you the thought that you aren’t a good speaker. 

Hypnosis used for treating public speaking fear is challenging, since it requires a great deal of struggle in removing years of reinforcement. During the hypnosis session, you will be guided to a highly relaxed state of mind such that it develops a trance-like state which will unlock the deep-rooted subconscious mind that holds all the negative perceptions and unhealthy information. Hypnosis helps tackle the underlying causes of anxiety, fears and phobias thus giving you, your lost confidence back. 

Hypnosis for public speaking at Hypnotist Melbourne

Hypnosis is truly magical, in that it helps our minds in becoming more receptive towards new information. The mind stores suggestions in the subconscious which are much more likely to stick and remain intact.

I, as an established and leading hypnotist in the suburbs of Melbourne, will help you in overcoming your fear of public speaking through hypnosis, as such, I’ll empower your brain in removing those automatic thoughts that strike you as you are about to speak in public. I will employ such techniques that will;

  • Push the negative thoughts away 
  • Eliminate the influence of bad past experience 
  • Modify how mind perceive public speaking  

As you take my hypnosis sessions for curing the fear of public speaking, you will;

  • Feel the tension lifting away from your body
  • You won’t feel that same burden of fear weighing your body and confidence 
  • Begin to feel confident about yourself, the way you speak 
  • Get a hinge of trust on your own self in speaking well, no matter what happens
  • Notice that you no longer fear even the slightest thought of making a presentation
  • Start looking for opportunities in expressing yourself publicly without the fear of racing heart, sweaty hands or shaking the voice 
  • Enjoy the adrenaline burst unlike old times as you are on your way up to the stage 

I, through my hypnosis for public speaking, will help you achieve these and so much more. 

Become confident now…

Boost your confidence now, let those difficult and daunting situations side line!

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